How to sell your way through life by Napoleon Hill

“Thirty years ago I began, at the request of, and in collaboration with, Andrew Carnegie, to organize all the causes of success and failure into a philosophy of individual achievement.

During those 30 years of research it became necessary for me to contact, interview, and gain the cooperation of the most successful men of the country, including Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison, John Wanamaker, Luther Burbank, Woodrow Wilson, and others of their type from whose rich experiences I organized the first practical philosophy of individual achievement, under the title of The Law of Success.

The best evidence the philosophy is sound and practical may be found in the use I have made of it in selling my way through life. The blessings this philosophy has given me are many, the greatest of them being the fact that I can truthfully say I have sold my way through life so successfully that I have everything I need or can use for the attainment of happiness, including, of course, absolute freedom from all manner of worry over money.”


Part One : The Principles of Practical Psychology Used in Successful Negotiation

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 You Need Intelligent Promotion to Succeed
  • Chapter 3 The Strategy of Master Salesmanship
  • Chapter 4 Qualities the Master Salesman Must Develop
  • Chapter 5 Autosuggestion, the First Step in Salesmanship
  • Chapter 6 The Master Mind
  • Chapter 7 Concentration
  • Chapter 8 Initiative and Leadership
  • Chapter 9 Qualifying the Prospective Buyer
  • Chapter 10 Neutralizing the Prospective Buyer’s Mind
  • Chapter 11 The Art of Closing a Sale

Part Two : The Use of Salesmanship in Marketing Personal Services

  • Chapter 12 Choosing Your Job
  • Chapter 13 Selecting a Definite Major Aim as Your Life Work
  • Chapter 14 The Habit of Doing More than Paid for
  • Chapter 15 A Pleasing Personality
  • Chapter 16 Cooperation
  • Chapter 17 How to Create a Job
  • Chapter 18 How to Choose an Occupation
  • Chapter 19 How to Budget Your Time
  • Chapter 20 The Master Plan for Getting a Position

Part Three What You May Learn from Henry Ford

  • Chapter 21 Singleness of Purpose
  • Chapter 22 Persistence
  • Chapter 23 Faith
  • Chapter 24 Decision
  • Chapter 25 Sportsmanship
  • Chapter 26 Budgeting of Time and Expenditures
  • Chapter 27 Humility
  • Chapter 28 The Habit of Doing More than One Is Paid to Do
  • Chapter 29 Ford the Master Salesman
  • Chapter 30 Accumulation of Power
  • Chapter 31 Self-control

Part Four : A Rule for Winning Friends That Has Stood the Test of More than 4,000 Years of Time

  • Chapter 34 “If I Were President!”
  • Chapter 35 The Golden Rule in Use
  • Chapter 36 Mental Attitude Must Be Right
  • Chapter 37 Some Personal Experiences
  • Capter 38 The War between Employers and Employees
  • Chapter 39 The New World
  • Chapter 40 Rounding Out Your Success Qualities for Leadership

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