How To Sell Yourself : Winning Techniques for Selling Yourself

The simple premise of this book is that every time you open your mouth, in order for communication to happen, you have to sell yourself. If you don’t sell yourself, communication is nearly impossible.

If you do, your message will get across. We think of selling as being product-oriented. But that’s only one aspect of selling. In the case of product sales, the governing factors are usually the salesperson and the price. Even when there’s a slight price difference, we rarely buy any big-ticket item from someone we really dislike.

That brings to the substance of this book. The more dependent we become on the new age of technology, the higher the speed limit goes on the information superhighway, the more bytes it takes to digest a feast of facts, figures, and statistics, the more pressing will be our need to speak well.

That’s what selling yourself is all about. It’s getting your message across, sending the right signals that you’re saying what you mean and that you mean what you say.


  • Chapter 1: Selling Yourself
  • Chapter 2: Selling Your Competence
  • Chapter 3: Selling Your Likability
  • Chapter 4: Selling With Confidence
  • Chapter 5: Selling With the Right Signals
  • Chapter 6: Selling Yourself As a Speaker
  • Chapter 7: Selling Yourself in Confrontation and Media Interviews
  • Chapter 8: Selling Yourself in the Classroom
  • Chapter 9: Selling Your Product
  • Chapter 10: Selling Yourself in the Job Interview
  • Chapter 11: Selling Yourself When Testifying
  • Chapter 12: Selling Yourself in Meetings
  • Chapter 13: Selling Yourself in Negotiations
  • Chapter 14: The “Selling Yourself’ Handbook

Language: English
Format:  PDF
Pages: 206
Size:  5 Mb

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