How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything


Introduction: Bringing Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Up to Date in the Twenty-First 

1 – Why Is This Book Different from Other Self-Help Books?
2 – Can You Really Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything?
3 – Can Scientific Thinking Remove Your Emotional Misery?
4 – How to Think Scientifically About Yourself, Other People, and Your Life Conditions
5 – Why the Usual Kinds of Insight Won’t Help You Overcome Your Emotional Problems
6 – REBT Insight No. l: Making Yourself Fully Aware of Your Healthy and Unhealthy Feelings
7 – REBT Insight No. 2: You Control Your Emotional Destiny
8 – REBT Insight No. 3: The Tyranny of the Shoulds
9 – REBT Insight N0.4: Forget Your “ Godawful” Past!
10 – REBT Insight No. 5: Actively Dispute Your Irrational Beliefs
11 – REBT Insight No. 6: You Can Refuse to Upset Yourself About Upsetting Yourself
12 – REBT Insight No. 7: Solving Practical Problems as Well as Emotional Problems
13 – REBT Insight No. 8: Changing Thoughts and Feelings by Acting Against Them
14 – REBT Insight No. 9: Using Work and Practice
15 – REBT Insight No. 10: Forcefully Changing Your Beliefs, Feelings, and Behaviors
16 – REBT Insight No. ll: Achie\ing Emotional Change Is Not Enough—Maintaining It Is Harder!
17 – REBT Insight No. 12: If You Backslide, Try, Try’Again!
18 – REBT Insight No. 13: You Can Extend Your Refusal to Make Yourself Miserable
19 – REBT Insight No. 14: Yes, You Can Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Severely Anxious or Depressed About Anything

Appendix: The Biological Basis of Human Irrationality’
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