How to study for success by Beverly Ann Chin

How to study for success by Beverly Ann Chin pdf  (series consultant)

How to study for success by Beverly Ann Chin pdf  (series consultant)Dear Students!

Welcome to the WILEY KEYS TO SUCCESS series! The books in this series are practical guides designed to help you be a better student. Each book focuses on an important area of schoolwork, including building your vocabulary, studying and doing homework, writing research papers, taking tests, and more.

Each book contains seven chapters—the keys to helping you improve your skills as a student. As you understand and use each key, you’ll find that you will er\joy learning more than ever before. As a result, you’ll feel more confident in your classes and be better prepared to demonstrate your knowledge.

I invite you to use the WILEY KEYS TO SUCCESS series at school and at home. As you apply each key, you will open the doors to success in school as well as to success in many other areas of your life. Good luck, and eryoy the journey!

Beverly Ann Chin, Series Consultant
Professor of English
University of Montana, Missoula

Learning Styles: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Warning: This book is good for you. Uh-oh. We know what it means when something is called “good for you.” Either it tastes bad, or it’s boring. But don’t put the book down yet. Sure, the most important feature of this book is that it can help you to be a better student. But other points about this book make it worth reading.

For one thing, it’s easy to read. It was written for you to enjoy, as well as to learn how to use your study time more effectively. This book was written with the goal of being informative but not dull. Sometimes it’s even funny. There are cartoons and other illustrations along the way.

This book deals with every aspect of studying. It explains how to prepare, how to take full advantage of class time, and how to make the most of homework and assignments. It even covers little details that can make a big difference—like eating the right foods before studying, choosing the right classroom seat, and overcoming shyness in class (if that’s a problem).

One section of this book gives valuable tips on how to take advantage of a computer—and how to avoid computer disasters, too. These days, knowing about computers has become more important than ever.

Finally, as you’ll find out in a few pages, this book has valuable lessons for everyone, regardless of how you’re doing in school and what you expect your future to hold.



I: Get Ready to Study Now
2: Get Organized
3: Make the Most of Class Time
4: Make the Most of Номе Study Time
5: Make the Most of Homework
6: Put Your Computer to Good Use
7: Go the Extra Mile

Appendix A: Model Venn Diagram
Appendix B: Model Concept Map
Appendix C: Model Flow Chart
Appendix D: Self-Quiz for Schedule Planning

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