How You Can Protect Your Pregnancy

 Protect Your Pregnancy  by Bonnie K. Campos &  Jennifer Brown (ebook PDF)

You are thinking about having a baby. You feel ready, but you want to learn everything you can before plunging in. In fact, your instincts are good. The more knowledge you have about pregnancy, the better time you’ll have along the way. That’s the intent of this ebook: to guide you and your partner through your incredibly exciting journey of pregnancy and birth. To that end, authors will provide straightforward, reassuring answers to your questions about how to safeguard your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.


  1. Planning Yоur Pregnancy Journey
  2. The Start of Your Journey: Trying to Get Pregnant
  3. Congratulations, Yоu’re Pregnant! Now What?
  4. Premature Babies: Who’s at Risk?
  5. Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labor
  6. Preterm Labor: When the Journey Isn’t Smooth Sailing
  7. Preparing for Birth: The Last Leg of Your Birth Journey
  8. Your Postpartum Period
  9. Prescription: Activity Reduction and Bed Rest
  10. Carrying Twins or More
  11. Unexpected Detours on Your Pregnancy Journey: Problems That Can Develop
  12. Thinking About Having Another Child

Language: English
Format: ebook PDF
Pages: 307
Size: 2.2 mb

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