Hypnosis : A Comprehensive Guide by Ted James

Hypnosis : A Comprehensive Guide by Ted James 

You are about to delve into the art of hypnosis, surveying the techniques of several masters, from Milton Erickson’s indirect, permissive style to the direct, authoritarian style of George Estabrooks. The power cf all these techniques lies in the connection that you build with the Unconscious Mind—your own and your client’s.

The secrets and benefits of hypnosis lie in the trance state, and we will highlight the ability to produce deep trance phenomena. Your ability to move from the state you are in right now to deep trance depends on the rapport you have with your Unconscious Mind. This book focuses on teaching you how to work at deeper levels with your own Unconscious Mind and with the Unconscious Mind cf each cf your clients.

Why do we Want to Learn Hypnosis?

The value of experiencing trance and learning hypnosis lies in attaining power to heal our own bodies and guide clients in healing theirs… power to learn… and power to create changes in our lives.

Milton Erickson once said, “Patients are patients because they are out cf rapport with their own Unconscious.” Hypnotherapy patients are people who have had too much programming—so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their imier selves. People who are in rapport with their Unconscious Minds are also in control of their destiny.

We are exploring hypnosis for two purposes. On the one hand, we are learning how to be superb Hypnotherapists, able to lead others to the rich benefits of trance. On the other hand, we are learning how to be very good hypnotic subjects, so that we can access those benefits by entering trance ourselves.

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