Hypnosis In Clinical Practice : Steps for Mastering Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis In Clinical Practice : Steps for Mastering Hypnotherapy by RICK VOIT, PH. D. MOLLY DELANEY, PSY. D. (pdf)

It is a pleasure and an honor to write this foreword to Rick Voit and Molly DeLaney’s book, Hypnosis in Clinical Practice: Steps for Mastering Hypnotherapy. I am especially pleased since I have had the opportunity to observe the evolution of this book from its conception through its development into a completed manuscript.

What is gratifying and exciting is that the authors have succeeded in delivering to their readers an accessible and useful manual to enhance practitioners’ integration of hypnosis into their work.

While this book might initially appear to be aimed at the novice or intermediate hypnotherapist, its value for all practitioners lies in its excellent suggestions for integrating hypnotic techniques into one’s overall clinical orientation and treatment planning. As such, the authors focus more on applied material and admittedly less on didactic material, while assuring the reader that there are ample, excellent sources available and listed in their references.

They present their technical information in a clear and precise manner and then, true to their Ericksonian values, make wonderful use of metaphors, as well as personal and clinical stores, to illustrate their message.

Most books about hypnosis practice rarely tell you anything useful about generating hypnosis referrals. Hypnosis in Clinical Practice overcomes this flaw by putting into words how to do that which is indicated but seldom well articulated. Specifically, Voit and DeLaney do an excellent job of explaining and showing us how to understand hypnotic phenomena diagnostically and how to use the patient’s own talents and behaviors as tools in treatment.

Using clinical examples, Voit and DeLaney help clinicians understand how their patients’ symptomatic presentation reflects the presence of hypnotic phenomena. By viewing patients in this way, they can better “fit” hypnotic techniques into clinical practice and ultimately facilitate effective treatment planning and the generation of referrals.

The authors encourage the perspective that, the more clinicians become astute observers of their patients’ naturally occurring hypnotic phenomena, the more capable they will become in utilizing these “talents” therapeutically. Furthermore, they tell us how to weave hypnosis into one’s personal and professional style by allowing it to become a natural extension of what we do. Instead of asking ourselves if or when we should use hypnosis, Voit and DeLaney suggest we ask, “Why not use hypnosis?” All of our communication becomes hypnotic communication.

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