Hypnotize your Lover : A guide to an erotic journey into the mind

Hypnotize your Lover : A guide to an erotic journey into the mind by Wendi Friesen (pdf)

What do you really want?

” If you are looking for total domination and control of your lover, you are not going to get it with hypnosis. If you have a willing partner who is into dominance or submission, you can enhance that experience with hypnosis. You can create scenarios of adventure, mind control and master/slave relationships if you are into that, and if you have a willing partner. You will not be able to create this without the willingness and desire of your partner.

If you attempt to create that without the consent or permission, you will destroy whatever trust was there, and you will have a very difficult time creating trance in the future.
Ultimately, You can create a deeper, more satisfying love life and a connection with your lover that will take on a whole new dimension.

You can reach deeper inside of yourself and give your mind and body permission to enjoy your sсxuality freely. You can help your lover to overcome discomfort, shyness and guilt, and give them the freedom to express themselves intimately. You can create an atmosphere of trust, adventure and permission to experience more of who we are and to experience the depth of our single, most powerful drive that we have been given.

Experiencing yourself as a sexual being is your birthright. It is the driving force that elates, confuses, and destroys us. There is nothing more powerful that can take you to your highest highs, and your lowest lows than the force of love.

Everything we do, every behavior, every action, we do with an outcome in mind. If you dissect your behavior or desire, to find out what the outcome is that you really want, you will almost always find that the driving force underneath all of your behaviors, is your need for love.

We work so that we can make more money, or have more power. The reason we want more money or power is due to an even more powerful underlying need. If we make more money or have more power, we will be more appealing. Others will like us better, or want to be near us. Ultimately, you will find that many levels of need exist, and the one at the very base, is the need for love.

Sсx is our way of expressing that love. It is not enough to just love, or feel lust or desire. The driving force is the need for satisfaction. When you understand that your sсxuality is such a deeply programmed need, you no longer need to feel guilt or shame about enjoying your erotic self.

You can embrace the gift that you are given and choose to experience the joy, ecstasy and expression of your love of your partner and ultimately your love for yourself….”


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