Introducing Psychology

In Introducing Psychology, authors have given special attention to the influence of culture and gender psychology, which place human behavior in the context of nations, ethnicities, communities, and cultures.

Much of psychology celebrates the hard-won facts that characterize human nature, so they thought it made sense to pause and celebrate its diversity. Cultures influence our lives and guide what we do and value—and not all cultures are the same. Authors explore the rich diversity of human cultures throughout the book.

Expecting a Helping Hand? It Depends Where You Are


Robert Levine of California State University-Fresno sent his students to 23 large international cities for an observational study in the field. Their task was to observe helping behaviors in a naturalistic context. In two versions of the experiment, students pretended to be either blind or injured while trying to cross a street, while another student stood by to observe whether anyone would come to help. A third version involved a student dropping a pen to see if anyone would pick it up.

The results showed that people helped in all three events fairly evenly within cities, but there was a wide range of response between cities. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, came out on top as the most helpful city in the study with an overall helping score of 93%. Kuala Lampur. Malaysia, came in last with a score of 40%. while New York City placed next to last with a score of 45%. On average. Latin American cities ranked most helpful (Levine. Norenzayan. & Philbrick. 2001).


1 Psychology: The Evolution of a Science
2 The Methods of Psychology
3 Neuroscience and Behavior
4 Sensation and Perception
5 Memory
6 Learning
7 Language, Thought, and Intelligence
8 Consciousness
9 Emotion and Motivation
10 Development
n Personality
12 Psychological Disorders
13 Treatment of Psychological Disorders
и Stress and Health
15 Social Psychology

Appendix: Statistics for Psychology

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