Israel Regardie & The Philosopher’s Stone by Joseph C. Lisiewski

In this book, Dr. Lisicwski delves into the hitherto unknown role Israel Regardie played in the world of Practical Laboratory Alchemy: not the world of idle speculation and so-called inner alchemy, but the realm of the test tube and the Soxhlet Extractor.

Revealed for the first time are Regardie’s own private alchemical experiments, his intense interaction with Frater Albertus of the Paracelsus Research Society, and later, with the author himself. All is laid plain, taken from Dr. Lisiewski’s extensive personal notes and recollections ofhis lengthy association with both men.

“An amazing story concerning Israel Regardie and Frater Albcrtus—two of the central figures of 20th century occultism, written by someone who knew both men. This book will shake the foundations of science and religion, as it reveals some of the darkest areas of alchemy and leads the reader to question the nature of life itself.”


– Russell House, student, Paracelsus College, 1984;

This is not a standard book as far as format is concerned. The text switches from a scientific reporting and documentary style, to expressions employing narrative with historical commentary overtones. This was deemed necessary in order to convey not only the complexity of the subject of alchemy, but the complex nature of Israel Regardie and his involvement with alchemy.

Israel Regardie his history in this matter of alchemy (and to a more limited extent his history in magic as well), those who influenced him in his alchemical outlook, and those with whom he worked in this very fascinating field of occultism.

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Israel Regardie & The Philosopher’s Stone by Joseph C. Lisiewski