Keys To Power Persuasion

Keys To Power Persuasion: Make anyone do what you want with covert hypnotic language, And how to defend against others using these techniques on you (pdf) by  Alan Tutt 

Most people assume that persuasion is the providence of salespeople, and that if you’re not involved with selling, then you don’t need persuasion skills. However, as you begin to take note of some of the various situations in which persuasion already takes place in your life, you may realize that you are already trying to persuade the people around you to do one thing or another.

  • Are you a parent trying to persuade your kids to become responsible adults?
  • Do you want more fulfilling relationships with your spouse or loved ones?
  • Do you require the cooperation of other people who may have other priorities?
  • Do you want to get more respect from the people around you?
  • Are you a counselor, teacher, or life coach trying to help others succeed in life?
  • Do you ever need to negotiate the price of an item being bought or sold?
  • Do you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous manipulators who are using persuasion against you?

These and many other situations call for the application of persuasion skills. When you leam the powerful skills taught in this course, you will find that you are able to get what you want and need from other people. You can persuade people to give you respect, to see your point of view about a given topic, to help you when you need it, and to do what needs to be done.


Introduction: To The Keys To Power Persuasion

  • Why Learn Persuasion?
  • Who Can Benefit From Learning Persuasion?
  • Typical Persuaders
  • Defending Yourself
  • Benefits of Using Power Persuasion
  • What Makes This Course So Special?
  • How to Get the Most From This Course

Psychology of Persuasion: An Overview

  • The Grand Scale of Persuasion
  • The Automatic Nature of the Mind & The Pink Elephant Principle
  • Associative Linking
  • Language As Experience
  • The 5 Phases of Power Persuasion
  • Motivating Desires
  • Personality Types
  • Three Levels of Persuasion
  • The Pygmalion Effect
  • Judgmental Heuristics

Motivating Desires: Understanding The Average Prospect

  • Source of Motivating Desires
  • Hidden Operation of the Human Mind
  • Common Factors of all Motivating Desires
  • How These Motivating Desires Affect Persuasion
  • Motivating Desires Common To Most Humans

Personality Types: Discover Your Prospect’s Secret  Buttons

  • Pleasure / Pain
  • Emotional / Logical
  • Details / Big Picture
  • Self-Centered / Other-Centered
  • Leader / Follower
  • Moving / Static

Preparing To Persuade: Training The Subtle Skills To Hypnotize Conversationally

  • Mind Set – Quickly Become A Power Persuader
  • Appearance – Making A Great 1st Impression
  • Eye Contact Training
  • Voice Training
  • Gesture Training
  • Body Language Training
  • Charisma – The Key To Instant Persuasion
  • Conclusion of Basic Training

The 5 Phases of Power Persuasion

  • Creating Rapport & Trust
  • Shifting Your Prospect’s State
  • Setting Context
  • Distraction & Misdirection
  • Covert Delivery of Subliminal Persuasive Messages

Persuasive Formulae: The Right Messages In The Right Order

  • AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • Problem, Agitate, Solve
  • Connection, Desire, Justification, Lead
  • Target, Confront, Struggle, Master
  • Experience, Emotion / Insight, Metaphor

Persuasion Example 1: Marketing Materials

Persuasion Example 2: Inspire Trust & Respect

Persuasion Examnle 3: Hypnotic Speeches

Persuasion Example 4: Seduction

Persuasion Example 5: Self-lmprovement

Appendix A: Hypnotic Power Words
Appendix B: Hypnotic Phrases
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