Lovers’ Weekend Guide

Imagine that you and your partner are holed up in a cozy, snowbound chalet or enjoying a lazy afternoon on a deserted beach. Or perhaps the idea of spending the weekend in a luxurious hotel makes your heart skip a beat. Maybe you’ve always dreamed about escaping to a romantic bed & breakfast somewhere deep in the countryside. Whatever your fantasy, bestselling sex author Anne Hooper knows how to get you there.

This deliciously different book provides hundreds of provocative ideas to spice up your weekends, whether you need help in planning an exotic adventure out of town or  transforming your home into an erotic hideaway.

Who needs a lovers’ weekend? Answer: every one of us. We need it to celebrate the joy of falling in love; the delight of sexual expression; the intimacy of body on body, and flesh
on flesh. We may also need it because everyday life has become stressed, or mundane, or de-crotici/ed. To carve out time specifically for lovemaking, which is what a lovers’ weekend entails, is to make an important statement. It says to your partner, “You are really dear to me. I value you enough to take time out especially for you. I want you to myself so that we can have a fabulous time together.” This, surely, is what most men and women want to hear. I know I do.

Lovers’ Weekend Guide by Anne Hooper pdf