Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels

Making The Cut - The 30-day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest by Jillian Michaels pdfMaking The Cut: The 30-day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest by Jillian Michaels 

How do you know if this book,Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels pdf, is for you?  Easy. Are you struggling with those last stubborn pounds that won’t come off no matter what? Are you gearing up for an event—wedding, school reunion, beach vacation—where you need to knock ’em dead? Are you looking to unleash the badass you know lies dormant within and just get ripped?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then hell yes baby, this book’s for you. All you need to begin is:

  • a moderate to decent level of fitness
  • a strong, go-all-the-way commitment to your goals
  • 20 or fewer pounds to shed

If you’re bringing all of the above to the table, then here’s what you’ll get from this book:
the best body you’ve ever had in your life.

Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels pdf is an intense, оnе-of-a-kind, 30-day program designed to maximize your potential so that you get dramatic results at an accelerated pace. What makes my program so uniquely effective is my triple-threat approach, which trains you simultaneously in the following three ways:

1. Mentally: I will help you to focus your thoughts, sharpen your mind, heighten your self-awareness, and boldly enhance your self-confidence so that you realize that anything is possible and nothing can hold you back.

2. Nutritionally: I will expand your knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, providing a customized diet plan for your unique body type and metabolic makeup. You will get the best dietary support possible as you work toward your goals.

3. Physically: I will help you develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance to levels you never dreamed possible.

At the end of the day, fitness is a science, and my 30-day program is a scientifically constructed step-by-step instruction manual for getting superlean and toned—I’m talking about feeling comfortable running in a bikini toned! Diet and exercise have too long been clouded in the w’hite noise of conflicting speculations. Atkins or South Beach? Lowr carbs or no carbs? High protein or lowr fat? Do not despair. You don’t need to hire an expensive nutritionist or celebrity trainer to give you what you whant—you’re holding the keys to a hot bod in your hands right now.

Wait a Minute! This book, Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels pdf,  is not for the faint of heart. Over the next 30 days you are mine, and this is your bible. If you want to get real results from my program, and I mean incredible results, skipping any part of this book is not an option. Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels pdf is not some namby-pamby “lifestyle” book that’s going to waffle on about moderation for “better health” and leave you with the warm-fuzzies.

It’s about seeing how far you can go, getting a little crazy, and maybe along the way making that ex of yours want you back. You will feel strong. You will be strong. Making the Cut is about to make it happen. The bottom line? It’s about getting in the best shape of your life—so channel that inner badass, and let’s get ripped!



Goodbye Photos
Body Fat Analysis
Fitness Test

The Rules
Rule 1: Stick to Your Magic Number
Rule 2: Eat for Your Metabolic Type
Metabolic Typing Test
Rule 3: Eat Every Four Hours, and No Skipping Meals! Rule 4: No Processed or Junk Foods—Period!
Rule 5: Beat the Bloat—Sodium and Water Consumption Rule 6: No Booze
Rule 7: Get It in Writing

The Routine
The Slow Oxidizer
The *S” Menus
The *S” Grocery List
The Balanced Oxidizer
The *B” Menus
The *B” Grocery List
The Fast Oxidizer
The “F” Menus
The “F” Grocery List

The Recipes
Sauces, Snacks, and Sides

The Rules
Rule 1: Intensity, Intensity, Intensity
Rule 2: Mix It Up
Rule 3: Stick with It
Rule 4: Quality over Quantity
Rule 5: Pace Yourself
Twice a Day: Maximizing the Afterbum Effect Sleep and Relaxation
Rule 6: Know When to Hold and When to Fold
The V-Taper (Hourglass Shape) Long and Lean Sinewy Arms
Rule 7: Know the Techniques
Split Routine
Circuit Training
Interval Training
Combo Lifting
The Routine
The Exercise Index

Supplement Secrets
The 7-Day Peaking Diet

Language: English
Pages: 203