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The puzzles in this book will help kids develop skills in arithmetic, geometry, number sense, logical thinking, and problem solving, which form the foundation of mathematical understanding. Math is more than just a collection of math facts and vocabulary (although those are important). Math should also be a way of thinking about and solving real problems.

You can be an absolute whiz at the multiplication tables, but you won’t find them very useful if you are unsure when you should be multiplying and when you should be dividing. Math puzzles are both fun and rewarding authors are confident that any child will enjoy doing the puzzles in this book, and knowing ihat you’ve solved a challenging puzzle is definitely rewarding.

Beyond simple enjoyment and satisfaction, puzzles also provide wonderful opportunities for learning. Challenging puzzles offer children a chance to practice skills they already know and also to stretch their minds and extend their knowledge by discovering new ideas.



Number Notions 

  • A Very Brief History of Number
  • The Importance of Zero
  • All You Need Is 0 and 1
  • A Number with a Name

Plus or Minus a Puzzle 

  • Arithmetic Activities
  • Numbers with Direction
  • Magic Squares
  • Game of 15
  • Solve a Cross-Number Puzzle

Multiplied and Divided

  • Mighty Multiplication
  • Daunting Division
  • Prime Numbers

Radical Reasoning

  • Growing by Leaps and Bounds
  • Squares and Radicals
  • Three in a Row
  • How Four Can You Go?

Geometry Games

  • An Ancient Mutli
  • Basic Geometry
  • Circular Reasoning
  • Tampering with Triangles On a Treasure Hunt

Measurement Mysteries

  • Measuring Units.
  • Not by a Long Shot
  • A Weighty Matter
  • Stacking Up Zeros

Brain Benders

  • Logical Math
  • In the Enchanted Kingdom
  • In the Land of Confusion

Probability Puzzles

  • A Probable Cause
  • Playing Dice
  • Even and Odd
  • An Average Day

Random Remainders 

  • So Whut’s Left?
  • Network Puzzles
  • Color My World
  • An Unsolved Mystery



Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 145
Size: 17 mb

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