Maximize Your BrainPower: 1000 new ways to boost your mental fitness

Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only use on average 2% of our potential brainpower. This is the amount of information available to us consciously, and the rest is locked within our subconscious mind. There is, therefore, the potential for each of us to expand our brainpower considerably.

There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.
-Henry Ford

This book sets out to show that by regular practice on different types of tests and puzzles each one of us has the capacity to maximize our brainpower and strengthen our performance at different types of brain activity.

Just as gymnasts are able to improve their performance, and increase their chances of success, at whatever level they are competing, by means of punishing training schedules and refinement of technique, in the same way this book provides the reader with a series of mental workouts covering areas of creative thinking, problem solving, memory, logical thought and mental agility.

Most of us take our brain for granted, believing there is little we can do to improve the brain we have been bom with.

We are now becoming more aware than ever that we all have the capacity to put our brain to even more use by exploring new avenues, experiences and learning adventures. It is our hope that this book will go some way to boosting the brain potential, increasing the confidence and unleashing much untapped creativity of many of our readers.

Language: English          Format: PDF                Pages: 240

Maximize Your BrainPower: 1000 new ways to boost your mental fitness by Philip Carter and Ken Russell – The IQ Workout Series (PDF)