Mind-Lines : Magical Lines To Transform Minds

Mind-Lines : Magical Lines To Transform Minds by L. Michael Hall 

We have found a magical formula box wherein lies all kinds of wonderful and horrible things. Like a magician with his or her magical box from which to pull, and put, all kinds of wild and crazy things—the magical formula box to which we refer lives inside human minds. Even you have one inside your head! The human brain produces it, and yet the magic box transcends the brain.

In this book you will discover how to identify your magical formula box from which, and by which, you construct your heavens and your hells. You will learn how that everyday you pull things out of your box to your weal or to your woe.

  • What semantic magic did you pull out of it today?
  • What magic will you learn to pull out of it tomorrow?
  • Would you like more weal than woe?

You will also discover how you can put new and more enhancing formulas for new kinds of “magic” into your box to make your life much more filled with love, joy, faith, hope, and resourcefulness. Alright!

And because everybody you meet also has a magical formula box—you will learn some very, very powerful magic in your interactions with others. You will learn magic that will enable you to change realities, to alter the direction of life, to change the past, to restructure emotions, to shift paradigms, to leap logical levels at a single bound, and to jump off tall towers of terror in a single leap, to utter mind-lines and see demons vanish and heavens spring into existence, and much more.

Does this Interest you? Then come with us to explore your own personal neuro-linguistics and neuro-semantics. Become a magician so that you can use your meaning-making powers with grace and power.

Mine those mind-lines that will change your mind for good— change it so that you can run your own brain, make those changes you want, and keep the change forever. Learn to become truly elegant and professional in the mind-lines you offer to your associates, loved ones, and friends.

Now to tease your mind about the possibilities of neuro-linguistic magic, we have provided the following section of one example. If you don’t know what some of the descriptive labels means—give it no thought at this point. You’ll learn them later.

For now, just allow yourself to enjoy the “Sleight of Mouth” shifts and notice which ones work most impactfully on you. The magic within language and language expressions depend on several factors: your present state, how and when someone delivers them, in what context, etc. Play around with them. See which ones work most powerfully with your friends and relatives.

We have sought to humorize and popularize this domain in neuro-linguistics that otherwise might seem academic, difficult to grasp, and conceptually deep. Now why in the world did we do that? Because we believe that we don’t have to play the language game using the insights and formulations from Linguistics, General Semantics, or NLP in a boring way or over-scholarly way. So come and enjoy the play with us.

And bring along your magic formula box. You know, that stuff in your brains that generates the magic. And with that, now let the wonder of magic begin!

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