Steven Pinker: How The Mind Works

” This book is intended for anyone who is curious about how the mind works. I didn’t write it only for professors and students, but I also didn’t write it only to “popularize science.” I am hoping that scholars and general readers both might profit from a bird’s-eye view of the mind and how it enters into human affairs.

At this high altitude there is little difference between a specialist and a thoughtful layperson because nowadays we specialists cannot be more than laypeople in most of our own disciplines, let alone neighboring ones.

Steven Pinker: How The Mind Works

I have not given comprehensive literature reviews or an airing of all sides to every debate, because they would have made the book unreadable, indeed, unliftable. My conclusions come fiom assess-ments-of the convergence of evidence fiom different fields and methods, and I have provided detailed citations so readers can follow them Up.”



  1.  Standard Equipment
  2.  Thinking Machines
  3.  Revenge of the Nerds
  4.  The Mind’s Eye
  5.  Good Ideas
  6.  Hotheads
  7.  Family Values
  8. The Meaning of Life

Language: English
Pages: 674
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