Natural Brilliance : Move from Feeling Stuck to Achieving Success

Natural Brilliance : Move from Feeling Stuck to Achieving Success Natural Brilliance : Move from Feeling Stuck to Achieving Success by Paul R. Scheele, M.A. (PDF) 

“Since age nineteen as a second year student at the University of Minnesota, I have immersed myself in technologies of learning and human development with a single question in mind: How can people learn most effectively to use the tremendous resources within to create a high quality oflife? My discoveries from over two decades of exploring this question have been captured in this book, distilled into the four-step Natural Brilliance model.

The Natural Brilliance model suggests a natural process we engage in when we learn effectively. As you read this book, you will quickly understand how to use it for your own success. You will learn about Natural Brilliance in Part 1, develop the skills in Part 2, and learn to apply it throughout your life in Part 3. It is your choice to go as far as you wish to go. Take it all the way, and you will overcome the blocks that face you in life to accomplish the success you arc determined to achieve.

In our five-day Natural Brilliance retreat, participants learn to recognize stuck states in themselves by experiencing the oscillations that have kept them stuck for years. Then by living the model physically, emotionally, and intellectually, they discover the ease and simplicity of taking a next step to gain balance, inner strength, and personal power.

They tap their genius with Direct Learning and the New Option Generator—important human development tools you will learn in this book. Their stones of success are reported throughout this book. Will yours be next?

The stories in this book and the events surrounding them are true. However, in most cases I have changed the names to provide anonymity. Let us know how you enjoy using the Natural Brilliance model so we can pass your experiences on to others who follow you.

Enjoy creating the high quality of life you desire.”

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