NLP in 21 days : A Complete Introduction and Training Programme

NLP in 21 days : A Complete Introduction and Training Programme is an authoritative guide that covers the full international syllabus for NLP practitioner training. This easy-to-follow programme will benefit the growing number of  people who now recognise the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP can improve all aspects of life, from personal relationships and career advancement to selling and negotiating, public speaking and even spelling and mental arithmetic.

Written by two top NLP trainers, NLP in 21 Days covers 21 key topics and includes dozens of exercises and examples which you can immediately apply to your own situation.

Exercise : “Today’s to do”


• Think of a personal situation you want to change. In a relaxed, undisturbed state, go through the change questionnaire, allowing your creative, unconscious mind to help you answer the questions. Note how you feel after doing this, and any ideas that come to you about what you want to change.


• Experiment more with perceptual positions (see Day 12). Why not take on a particular third position role, such as that of a lawyer, prime minister, or five-year-old child? Apply it to any behaviour during the day, things people say, events that happen and circumstances that arise. Note how your perceptions change, sometimes dramatically, and how your emotions differ from normal.


• Start to control your response to any behaviour or event. Use your anchoring skills to get into the state you want, and experiment more with reframing (see Day 15). Start to elicit specific response outcomes in others using your pacing and leading (see Day 5) and language skills (see Days 8, 9, 10 and 11).


  • Day 1: How People Tick
  • Day 2 : Getting What You Want
  • Day 3: Knowing What You Really Want
  • Day 4: How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Day 5: Power Communication Techniques
  • Day 6: Making Sense of Your Own World
  • Day 7: Changing Your World
  • Day 8: The Power of Language
  • Day 9: The Value of Vague Language
  • Day 10: Getting Down to Specifics
  • Day 11: Once Upon a Time
  • Day 12: Getting Another Perspective
  • Day 13: Taming Time
  • Day 14: Choosing Where to Change
  • Day 15:Thinking Outside the Box
  • Day 16: The Key to Personal Excellence
  • Day 17: Strategics for Success
  • Day 18: If Anyone Can, I Can
  • Day 19: Alastcring How You Feel
  • Day 20: Instant Excellence
  • Day 21: All Change

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