“ NUAD BO-RARN ” ANCIENT MASSAGE OF THAILAND (pdf) by Chongkol & Atchara Setthakorn

CHONGKOL SETTHAKORN AKA “JOHN “ had established ITM-International Training Massage School in 1992 with his intention to popularize ancient Thai massage to the western world. Since then, ITM has been increasing its reputation worldwide in its teaching style using an easy-to-follow instruction and demonstration, and its professional yet friendly atmosphere.

Chongkol started his career in Thai massage as the head teacher at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai. Thailand in 1985. In 1991 Chongkol went to USA as a visiting instructor at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in San Diego, California for 6 months to teach NUAD BO-RARN THAI MASSAGE.

Along with his full teaching schedule, he studied Level 1 (120 HRS) Massage Technician Training. Level 11 (150 HRS) Professional Massage Training and several electives of Western and Oriental Massage such as Therapeutic Massage For Acute and Chronic Problems (36 HRS), Tui Na Internship Chinese Massage (90 HRS), Jin Shin Acutouch (Japanese Method of Healing Art) (30 HRS). Tai Chi and the IPSB Movement Form to enhance his expertise in Thai Massage.

After returning to Thailand and establishing 1TM, he along with Arthur Lambert authored “Nuad Bo-Rarn, the Traditional Massage of Thailand”, published in 1992. Having increased experience and knowledge in Thai massage, Chongkol authored “Nuad Bo-Rarn, Ancient Massage of Thailand” in 2001.

With his interest in different kinds of bodywork, he learned Tai Ji Qi Gong and adapt its techniques for the flowing of the movements in Thai massage. He has been a volunteer instructor in Tai Ji Qi Gong (Chi Kung) and Tai Chi Chuan (long-form Yang style) for the community in Chiang Mai city.

In September 2000, Chongkol was invited as a visiting instructor to demonstrate and teach Nuad Bo-Ram Thai massage at the European & 17,hcidesco congress of Aesthetics and Health in Athens, Greece.

Chongkol and his family went to Geneva, Switzerland in June 2003 to offer a special Thai massage course, which many people around Switzerland attended.


Om Namo

Chapter 1

  • What it is – Development and History
  • The rules of Nuad Bo-Ram Thai Massage
  • The methods of Nuad Bo-Ram Thai Massage
  • Directions and abbreviations
  • Benefits of Thai Massage

Chapter 2

  • Front Position – Part 1
  • Front Position – Part 2
  • Side Position
  • Back Position
  • Sitting Position

Chapter 3

  • Putting It Together
  • One hour full body Thai Massage
  • The 6 Points of NUAD BO-RARN
  • The 9 *W* Keys of Thai Massage
  • The Summary of NUAD BO-RARN

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