Organic Gardening For Dummies

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This book is for people who want to grow food and maintain their landscape without using synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic gardening is more than just safe food, however, and it’s bigger than nontoxic lawns. Organic gardening is also about making conscious decisions and taking responsibility for actions that affect the world outside your back door, past the end of your driveway, and beyond the boundaries of your hometown. This book gets you started on the path to making healthier choices for your own garden and landscape.

Organic gardening covers a lot of ground, so to speak — from maintaining a lawn and growing roses to harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’ve read this far, you must be curious about how to garden organically in your own yard. This book takes you step by step through building and maintaining healthy soil, encouraging helpful insects and other organisms, choosing problem-free plants, and getting your plants off to the right start.

In addition to the basic concepts of organic gardening, it also includes information about how to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs, fruits and nuts, roses, and lawns — without harmful pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers.


  1.  Understanding the Basics of Organic Gardening
  2. Soil and Fertilizers
  3. Managing Pests
  4. Grousing Organically in Your yard and Garden

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 388
Size: 2.9 mb

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