Personal Development for SMART PEOPLE

Personal Development SMART PEOPLE: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth PDFPersonal Development SMART PEOPLE: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth by STEVE PAVLINA 

What Is Personal Development for Smart People?

“Personal development for smart people is a phrase I use to describe my approach to personal growth. Instead of going after the low-hanging fruit and solving the easy problems, such as how to make healthierfood choices or earn more money. I wanted to answer a really tough question: what does it mean for us to grow as conscious human beings, and how do we intelligently guide that process?

There were two threads in my life that led me to tackle this question. The first thread was my long-term fascination with the concept of intelligence. The second thread was my direct study of the field of personal development.

While earning my computer-science degree. I specialized in artificial intelligence (Al). I learned how difficult it is to create intelligent computer programs, largely because we don’t really understand intelligence. I incorporated basic Al techniques in some of my  early computer games, but those programs only mimicked intelligent behavior and couldn’t be considered truly intelligent. I soon asked my-serf; How do I actually know that Pm intelligent? I couldn’t find an answer that satisfied me. Eventually my pursuit of personal development led me to adopt a new definition of intelligence that satisfied both my logic and intuition….”

“When I’m working on a problem. I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful. I know it is wrong.”



PART I: Fundamental Principles

  • Chapter 1: Truth
  • Chapter 2: Love
  • Chapter 3: Power
  • Chapter 4: Oneness
  • Chapter 5: Authority
  • Chapter 6: Courage
  • Chapter 7: Intelligence

PART II: Practical Application

  • Chapter 8: Habits
  • Chapter 9: Career
  • Chapter 10: Money
  • Chapter 11: Health
  • Chapter 12: Relationships
  • Chapter 13: Spirituality

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