Personality Language by M. Woodsmall

The “Owner’s Manual” that they should have given you at birth… Finally, an easy to understand and practical handbook on Human Behavior that anyone can understand and use.

Not only can you use it on yourself to figure out why you do the things that you do, you can use it on other people to figure out why they do what they do.

Once you start using Personality Language™ you will look back and wonder how you ever got by without it

If you have been looking for the “Edge” in your business and even personal life, this is it. You will finally understand what makes people “tick,” including yourself.

By using Personality Language™ on a daily basis, you are going to have an unprecedented advantage over everyone who does not use it.

It is “Body Language” for the mind. Once you know what to look for using Personality Language™, people cannot help but reveal the secrets of their behavior.

Personality Language™ gives you the ability to:

# Make more sales instantly
# Know how people think and how to respond accordingly
# Wield influence with virtually anyone
# Make more money
# Motivate yourself and others
# Enhance your business and personal relationships
# Become a powerful negotiator
# Become an influential manager
# Make better decisions
# Understand what makes people “tick”

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 98
Size: 2 mb

PERSONALITY LANGUAGE : How To PERSUADE And INFLUENCE Virtually ANYONE ANYTIME by Marilyne Woodsmall, Ph. M. & Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph. D. (PDF)