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“Learning to enjoy touching your partner and receiving caresses in exchange is one of the joys of lovemaking. Making an effort to learn about your partner’s body, particularly areas that you wouldn 7 normally consider sexual, such as the hands, arms, feet, and calves, can bring sensual rewards.

Sometimes, desire ebbs and needs to be rekindled, or alternatively, partners may crave extended lovemaking. Intimate body contact can enhance sensuality and set the mood and pace for sex. Partners must be relaxed, so make sure that you will not be interrupted and that the room is warm. Undress, and use a scented oil, warmed between your hands, to help smooth your movements.

The intimacy of touch adds to the sexual communication between partners – touching teaches you about your sensual responses as well as those of your partner. A variety of aids can be used to maximize eroticism over the entire body and enhance the range and intensity of touches, thereby injecting variety into lovemaking.”


  • chapter one:  THE EXPERT LOVER
  • chapter two:  FANTASTIC FOREPLAY

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