Post Traumatic Stress Disorders: A Self Help Guide

“I feel terrible, very restless and irritable. This is not like me at all. The car crash happened 6 months ago but I still can t feel safe in a car, I feel so fearful I avoid travel wherever possible. Pictures of the accident come flashing into my mind, they won `t go away and even at night my dreams are more like nightmares with scenes of the crash happening again and again … I `m exhausted by it… ”

These are the thoughts and feelings man who have experienced traumatic incidents.

You may have similar feelings. This booklet is written by psychologists and aims to help you understand these reactions and offers some practical suggestions to help you cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.


  • What is a traumatic incident?
  • How do people react after a traumatic incident?
  • Why do we react so strongly to trauma?
  • What can I do to help myself overcome the trauma?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders: A Self Help Guide (booklet)