Practicing Mindfulness


LECTURE 1: Mindlessness—The Default Setting

LECTURE 2: Mindfulness—The Power of Awareness

LECTURE 3: Expectations—Relinquishing Preconceptions

LECTURE 4: Preparation—Taking Moral Inventory

LECTURE 5: Position—Where to Be for Meditation

LECTURE 6: Breathing—Finding a Focus for Attention

LECTURE 7: Problems—Stepping-Stones to Mindfulness

LECTURE 8: Body—Attending to Our Physical Natures

LECTURE 9: Mind—Working with Thoughts

LECTURE 10: Walking—Mindfulness While Moving

LECTURE 11: Consuming—Watching What You Eat

LECTURE 12: Driving—Staying Awake at the Wheel

LECTURE 13: Insight—Clearing the Mind

LECTURE 14: Wisdom—Seeing the World as It Is

LECTURE 15: Compassion—Expressing Fundamental Kindness

LECTURE 16: Imperfection—Embracing Our Flaws

LECTURE 17: Wishing—May All Beings Be Well and Happy

LECTURE 18: Generosity—The Joy of Giving

LECTURE 19: Speech—Training the Tongue

LECTURE 20: Anger—Cooling the Fires of Irritation

LECTURE 21: Pain—Embracing Physical Discomfort

LECTURE 22: Grief—Learning to Accept Loss

LECTURE 23: Finitude—Living in the Face of Death

LECTURE 24: Life—Putting It All in Perspective

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