Presenting Magically : Transforming Your Stage Presence With NLP

Presenting Magically : Transforming Your Stage Presence With NLP by Tad James MS, PhD &  David Shephard 

The secret in this book, we will share a number of the ‘trade secrets’ of professional presenters, as well as top NLP trainers. There is more to this book than is immediately obvious. We all take language for granted most cf the time.

But when you understand how it works on an unconscious level, you can begin to use it to help get your message across. You will learn to recognise some of the language patterns by getting curious about, “Why is he saying that in this way?” “What is this bit really about?” “How does this work?” “What if I were to use that myself?” Some things won’t be explained until we are well into the book, while others will not be explained at all. But they will have been happening.

Actually, the best way cf hiding things is to… Are you familiar with Edgar Allan Poe’s story He Purloined Letter? The police detective is looking for a very important letter. He has made an exhaustive and meticulous search cf the flat, looking in all places that he thinks someone is likely to hide something.

This is his downfall, because in fact, the missing letter is stuck in full view in the letter rack on the wall. So as you read, look again, and you will fmd many examples cf what is being taught.

The structure of this book is similar to the training and follows the same sequence cf exercises. The first six chapters establish the groundwork. Then we will start doing the exercises. We recommend that the first time through, you read each chapter and do the exercises in order, as each exercise builds on the ones before.

To become an excellent presenter or trainer you do need to practise the skills. Then you will be getting direct evidence that what you are doing is making a difference.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 300
Size: 10 mb
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