Grace Loveman: Psychic Development for Beginners

Psychic Development for Beginners: The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability by Grace Loveman

We’ve all heard about psychic mediums and palm readers before. You may have even gone to one yourself. What you may not know, however, is that we all possess psychic abilities deep within ourselves. Some people’s abilities come more naturally than others.

But with a little practice and patience, each and every one of us possesses the capacity to make our intuition and psychic abilities stronger and more powerful. Psychic abilities do not just entail things like predicting the future and communicating with entities from another realm – those things can be a part of our psychic development, for sure.

But in a more day-to-day sense, psychic abilities can help us to become more in touch with our higher selves, which in turn can help us to do things like…

• Abate stress and anxiety levels
• Feel more creative
• Increase our ability to concentrate
• Make better decisions
• Live in the present moment

This book will enlighten you about all of these things and so much more. You will also learn about the history of psychic development, along with many useful exercises, which you can practice on your own, to help you hone and refine your innate skills.

Overall, this book will enable you to become a more relaxed, connected, and mind-enriched being.


Chapter 1: A Little Bit of History

  • Parapsychology – What Is It?
  • Ancient Greece and the Oracle at Delphi
  • The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
  • Parapsychology in the Bible

Chapter 2: Key Terms to Know

  • Words and Phrases You Should Know

Chapter 3: The A. B. C’s of Developing Successful Intuition

  • The Importance of Intuition Improvement
  • Honing Your Intuition Skills
  • Exercises to Help Develop Your Intuition
  • What’s Your Intuition Type?

Chapter 4: The Signs of the Zodiac

  • Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?
  • Splish, Splash: The Water Signs
  • Look Up to the Sky: The Air Signs
  • Grounded: The Earth Signs
  • Using the Signs of the Zodiac to Your Advantage

Chapter 5: Altered States of Mind

  • States of Consciousness: Reflective, Non-Reflective, and Altered
  • Best Wavs to Achieve an Altered State of Consciousness

Chapter 6: How to Enhance Your First Five Senses

  • The First Five Senses
  • Exercises to Strengthen Your Senses

Chapter 7: Essential Training to Achieve Your Primary Psychic Level

  • The Configuration of Your Psyche
  • Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?
  • Only in Dreams…
  • Learn How to Have Precognitive Dreams

Chapter 8: Psychic Shields… What You Need to Do

  • Protect Yourself with a Psychic Shield

Chapter 9: Everything You Need to Know about Successful Energy Manipulation

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Basic Energy Manipulation Techniques
  • Intermediate Energy Manipulation Techniques
  • Advanced Energy Manipulation Techniques
  • All-Star Energy Manipulation Techniques

Chapter 10: Psychic Master Minds and Your Own Psychic Goals

  • Define Your Goals
  • Great Psychic Minds You Can Learn from Today
  • John Edward – Psychic Medium
  • Dr. Doreen Virtue – Clairvoyant Metaphysician
  • George Anderson – Psychic Medium
  • Elizabeth Baron – Trance Medium, Psychic, Ghost Buster

Chapter 11: Don’t Hinder Your Psychic Development with Fear

  • The Origins of Fear and Anxiety
  • Don’t Let Fear Decelerate Your Development: Learn How to Dissolve It

Grace Loveman: Psychic Development for Beginners

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 162