Psychology by Saundra К. Ciccarelli and J. Noland White

Psychology by Saundra К. Ciccarelli & J. Noland White — 3rd ed. pdf

Psychology by Saundra К. Ciccarelli & J. Noland White — 3rd ed.Why do you need this new edition?

If you’re wondering why you should buy this new third edition of Psychology, here are 10 good reasons!

1:  Engaging online resources to help you succeed! MyPsychLab provides you with online study resources to help make your study time even more effective. MyPsychLab is improved with exciting resources, such as a concept mapping tool to help you personalize your notes and an experiments application that allows you to participate first-hand in psychological experiments. MyPsychLab: where you are always learning!

2:  Get a better grade with the expanded and improved introductory chapter, Psychology in Action: Secrets for Surviving College and Improving Your Grades. It provides practical information on study methods as well as strategies for improving your memory.

3: A new Study Tip feature at the beginning of each chapter reminds you to refer back to Psychology in Action for helpful tips that will help you succeed in your course.

4: The Visual Concept Summaries at the end of every chapter are redesigned and improved to make your chapter review more effective.

5: New and expanded coverage throughout. Every chapter of the third edition has been updated with current and relevant research citations; instructors will include this new information on your exams.

6: Chapter 2, The Biological Perspective, is reorganized to improve its clarity. The section “Looking Inside the Living Brain,” is expanded and reorganized to clearly present information on cutting-edge techniques psychologists use to study the brain.

7: Chapter 6, Memory, includes the latest information about the famous “patient H. M.,” whose case helped revolutionized the scientific study of memory. Learn the amazing story of what happened to his brain after his death in 2008.

8: Chapter 14, Psychological Disorders, has been substantially restructured. Disorders such as eating disorders and PTSD, which were previously covered in other chapters, are now included here.

9: Chapter 15, Psychological Therapies, includes an extended section on effective therapy, with new discussions of which therapies are the most effective for a variety of disorders.

10: New and compelling topics for many of the book’s feature essays will enrich your understanding of how psychology impacts our lives today. New topics include: “Beyond ‘Smoke and Mirrors’—The Psychological Science and Neuroscience of Magic,” “The Link Between Spanking and Aggression in Young Children,” and “The Big Lie: Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the Vaccine Scandal.”


1 Secrets for Surviving College and Improving Your Grades
2 The Science of Psychology
3 The Biological Perspective
4 Sensation and Perception
5 Consciousness: Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, and Drugs
6 Learning
7 Memory
8 Cognition
9 Development Across the Life Span
10 Motivation and Emotion
11 Sexuality and Gender
12 Stress and Health
13 Social Psychology
14 Theories of Personality
15 Psychological Disorders
16 Psychological Therapies

Statistics in Psychology
Applied Psychology and Psychology Careers

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