David G. Myers: Psychology

David Myers received his psychology Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. He has spent his career at Hope College, Michigan, where he has taught dozens of introductory psychology sections. Hope College students have invited him to be their commencement speaker and voted him “outstanding professor.”

Myers’ scientific articles have, with support from National Science Foundation grants, appeared in more than two dozen scientific periodicals, including Science, American Scientist, Psychological Science, and the American Psychologist In addition to his scholarly writing and his textbooks for introductory and social psychology, he also digests psychological science for the general public His writings have appeared in three dozen magazines, from Today’s Education to Scientific American. He also has authored five general audience books, including The Pursuit of Happiness and Intuition: Its Powers and Perils.

David Myers has chaired his city’s Human Relations Commission, helped found a thriving assistance center for families in poverty, and spoken to hundreds of college and community groups. Drawing on his experience, he also has written artides and a book (A Quiet World) about hearing loss, and he is advocating a transformation in American assistive listening technology.

Brief Contents:

Psychology by David G. Myers

  • CHAPTER 1 Thinking Critically With Psychological Science
  • CHAPTER 2 The Biology of Mind
  • CHAPTER 3 Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind
  • CHAPTER 4 Nature. Nurture, and Human Diversity
  • CHAPTER 5 Developing Through the Life Span
  • CHAPTER 6 Sensation and Perception
  • CHAPTER 7 Learning
  • CHAPTER 8 Memory
  • CHAPTER 9 Thinking and Language
  • CHAPTER 10 Intelligence
  • CHAPTER 11 Motivation and Work
  • CHAPTER 12 Emotions, Stress, and Health
  • CHAPTER 13 Personality 
  • CHAPTER 14 Psychological Disorders
  • CHAPTER 15 Therapy
  • CHAPTER 16 Social Psychology

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