Psychology of Sex

PSYCHOLOGY OF SeX : The Biology of Sex – The Sexual Impulse in youth – Sexual Deviation – The erotic symbolism – Marriage – The Art of Love / Havelock Ellis (PDF)

I have frequently been told by readers of the seven volumes of my Studies in the Psychology of Sсx that there is need for a small book to serve as a concise introduction to Sсx Psychology. Ordinary medical practitioners and students, it is said, are far too over-burdened already to be able to master extensive treatises on an additional subject which is not obligatory.

The subject of sex in its psychic and social bearings is so central, and of an importance now so widely recognized, if not indeed exaggerated, among the general public, that the medical man of to-day cannot fail to have it brought before him. He cannot, like his predecessors, conventionally ignore its existence, or feel that its recognition would be resented as impertinent or indecorous.

Moreover, a knowledge confined to general anatomy, physiology, and pathology is now altogether inadequate.

My own opinion is in accord with these views. I have indeed felt that medical education displays at this point a vacuum which is altogether lamentable. In my own medical training, which began half a century ago, the psychological aspects of scx had no existence whatever.

For my gynaecological teachers the processes of scx in health and disease were purely physical; the only consideration they introduced which could in any way be regarded as psychological in its bearing—and it stands out in memory because so isolated—was an unqualified warning against what would now be called contraception.

It might be supposed that great progress has been made since those remote days. Here and there, no doubt, there has. But I have no evidence that the progress in any country is widespread or pronounced.

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