Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression by Paul Gilbert

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression by Paul Gilbert – Third Edition pdf

Depression is a puzzling phenomenon – not only can it lead to extremely unpleasant states of mind, undermine our abilities to go about our everyday tasks, and fight off various infections and other illnesses, it can also induce people to want to kill themselves. So where should we begin the journey into the origins of depression? Has it been around for many millions of years or is it recent?


Part I : Understanding the Nature of Depression with a Biopsychosocial Approach

  • Depression: The Basics
  • Multi-Level Systems in Depression
  • The Brain, Threats and Depression
  • Behavioural Approaches: Action Matters
  • Human Social Needs and Roles: Attachment, Social Connectedness and Defeat
  • Thinking, Self-Awareness, Social Goals and the Role of Shame in Depression

Part II : Processes for the Therapeutic Journey

  • The Therapeutic Relationship and Working Alliance
  • Beginning the Therapeutic Journey with the Depressed Person
  • Thoughts, Beliefs and Safety Strategies: Constructing Formulations
  • Helping People Engage and Change: Some Basic Principles
  • Developing Self-Compassion
  • Focusing Interventions with a Special Reference to Self-Criticism
  • Working with Specific Difficulties I: Approval, Achievement, Assertiveness and Rebellion
  • Working with Specific Difficulties II: Shame, Guilt, Ideal and Envy
  • Overview, Saying Goodbye and Personal Reflections

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