Public Speaking: The Evolving Art

Public Speaking: The Evolving Art bPublic Speaking: The Evolving Art by Stephanie J. Coopman  and James Lull – Second Edition pdf

Welcome to Public Speaking: The Evolving Art, Second Edition!
The basics of public speaking haven’t changed much since classical times, but how you go about preparing and delivering a good speech have changed a great deal. This book and the resources that go with it combine proven traditions with the latest innovations to give you the best possible instruction in public speaking.

Each chapter and the companion resource materials for this text integrate a consistent learning approach that makes the book enjoyable and easy to use: READ It, WATCH It, USE It, REVIEW It. This approach allows you to read the text, view peer mentor and sample speech videos, complete interactive activities that apply chapter concepts and help you develop your own speeches, and access an array of study and self-assessment resources to reinforce what you’ve learned. You may follow the READ It, WATCH It, USE It. REVIEW It sequence described in the How to Use This

Book section on page xx, or you may adapt the approach in a way that works best for you. For example, some students watch the Speech Buddy videos first to get a sense of what the chapter is about. They then read the text and go through the review resources. And then they complete the interactive activities. Apply whatever approach works best for you.

Successfully completing a public speaking course will help you develop communication skills you’ll use throughout your life in a wide range of settings and for a variety of purposes. We look forward to helping you master those valuable skills.

Stephanie J. Coopman,
James Lull


I Getting Started

1 The Evolving Art of Public Speaking
2 Building Your Confindence
3 Ethical Speaking and Listening

II Developing and Researching Your Speech

4 Developing Your Purpose and Topic
5 Adapting to Your Audience
6 Researching Your Topic
7 Supporting Your Ideas
8 Organizing and Outlining Your Speech
9 Beginning and Ending Your Speech

III Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas

10 Using Language Effectively
11 Integrating Presentation Media
12 Delivering Your Speech

IV Speaking Situations

13 Informative Speaking
14 Persuasive Speaking
15 Understanding Argument
16 Special Occasion and Group Speaking

Bonus Chapters

Group Speaking
Mediated Public Speaking

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Pages: 404