Raising Baby Green : The Earth-Friendly Guide To Pregnancy, Childbirth, And Baby Care

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Raising baby green : the earth-friendly guide to pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care / Alan Greene — 1st ed. (PDF)

Today many parents are developing a heightened awareness of issues that could be important to their babies’ futures. Whether it’s when they first learn they’re expecting, when they glimpse their baby on ultrasound, or when they first gaze into their baby’s eyes, and she laughs out loud— somehow instinct and information combine as a catalyst for embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

One of the goals of this book is to help you understand how the environment affects your baby and how raising your baby affects the environment. We’re living at a time when environmentally conscious parenting is more possible than ever.

We know so much more now about how to raise our babies in ways that can save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and avoid toxic chemicals. Never before have we been better equipped to help babies thrive.

Raising Baby Green is a guide for parents to the techniques, foods, and new kinds of baby care products, equipment, furniture, and toys that are safer for babies and promote a sustainable environment.


INTRODUCTION : Why Raise Baby Green?

Make sure your unborn baby receives the best possible nutrition and other vital elements through the green choices you make in your diet and lifestyle. Learn about the crucial impact of the environment on you and your baby.

CHAPTER TWO : The Labor and Delivery Room
Fulfill your green birth plan to bring your baby into the world in the right place with the right people and with the type of delivery you feel is best.

Create a beautiful, healthy environment with green furnishings, paint, wall coverings, flooring, bedding, clothing, and toys.

CHAPTER FOUR : The Kitchen
Reduce your baby’s exposure to pesticides and other toxins, help clean up the planet, save energy, and reduce greenhouse gasses, just by eating the right delicious foods.

CHAPTER FIVE : The Bathroom
Care for your baby with the best new choices in creams and lotions, save water, and stock your medicine chest with the safest remedies.

CHAPTER SIX : The Garden
Whether you live in a house with a garden or in an apartment with pots in a sunny window, here’s how to have healthy plants and organic homegrown edibles in your baby’s life.

CHAPTER SEVEN : The Whole House
Improve the air quality, lighting, water conservation, laundry, heating, and cooling throughout your home—and in your automobile, which has such an impact on the health of the family and the planet.

EPILOGUE : From the Ground Up

NOTES:  Citations and sources for information in the text.

GREEN INFORMATION: More valuable information about each room in the house.

GREEN RESOURCES:  Books, Web sites, organizations, and other forms of support and connections in the green baby community.

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Alan Greene:  Raising baby green