Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich : The 8 New Rules of Money

Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich : The 8 New Rules of Money The Root of All Evil

Is the love of money the root of all evil? Or is the ignorance of money the root of all evil?
What did you learn about money in school? Have you ever wondered why our school systems do not teach us much—if anything—about money? Is the lack of financial education in our schools simply an oversight by our educational leaders? Or is it part of a larger conspiracy?

Regardless, whether we are rich or poor, educated or uneducated. child or adult, retired or working, we all use money. Like it or not, money has a tremendous impact on our lives in today’s world. To omit the subject of money from our educational system is cruel and unconscionable.



Chapter 1: Can Obama Save the World?
Chapter 2: The Conspiracy Against Our Education
Chapter 3: The Conspiracy Against Our Money: The Bank Never Goes Broke
Chapter 4: The Conspiracy Against Our Wealth Chapter 5: The Conspiracy Against Our  Financial Intelligence


Chapter 6: Where We Are Today
Chapter 7: What’s the Name of Your Game?
Chapter 8: Print Your Own Money
Chapter 9: The Secret of Success: Sell
Chapter 10: Building for the Future
Chapter 11: Financial Education: An Unfair Advantage
Chapter 12: If I Ran the School System

Language: English
Pages: 438