Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology

Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology by Scott О. Lilienfeld & Steven Jay Lynn & Jeffrey M. Lohr pdf

Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology by Scott О. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, and Jeffrey  M. Lohr pdf

Scott О. Lilienfeld, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta. He has authored or coauthored approximately 100 articles and book chapters on such topics as the assessment and causes of personality disorders, the relation of personality traits to anxiety disorders, conceptual issues in psychiatric classification and diagnosis, projective testing, multiple personality disorder, and the problem of pseudoscience in clinical psychology.

He is founder and editor of the new journal The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice. Dr. Lilienfeld also serves on the editorial boards of several major journals, including the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, Clinical Psychology> Review, the Journal of Clinical Psychology\ Skeptical Inquirer, and The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. He is past president of the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology, and he was the recipient of the 1998 David Shakow Award for Early Career Contributions to Clinical Psychology from Division 12 (Society for Clinical Psychology) of the American Psychological Association.

Steven Jay Lynn, PhD, AВРР (Clinical, Forensic), is a licensed clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York at Binghamton. A former president of American Psychological Association’s Division 30 (Psychological Hypnosis), he is a recipient of the division’s award for distinguished contributions to scientific hypnosis. Dr. Lynn is a fellow of many professional organizations and an advisory editor to many professional journals, including the Journal of Abnormal Psychology’. He is also the author of 11 books and more than 200 articles and chapters on hypnosis, memory, fantasy, victimization, and psychotherapy.

Jeffrey M. Lohr, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of Arkansas- Fayetteville. He has been a licensed psychologist in Arkansas with a part-time independent practice since 1976. Dr. Lohr’s research interests focus on anxiety disorders, domestic violence, and the efficacy of psychosocial treatments. His teaching interests include abnormal psychology, behavior modification and therapy, research methods, and professional issues in mental health practice.

Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology: Initial Thoughts, Reflections, and Considerations

I. Controversies in Assessment and Diagnosis

  •  Understanding Why Some Clinicians Use Pseudoscientific Methods: Findings from Research on Clinical Judgment  / Howard N. Garb and Patricia A. Boyle
  •  Controversial and Questionable Assessment Techniques / John Hunsley, Catherine M. Lee, and James M. Wood
  •  The Science and Pseudoscience of Expert Testimony / Joseph T. McCann, Kelley L. Shindler, and Tammy R. Hammond
  •  Dissociative Identity Disorder: Multiple,  Personalities, Multiple Controversies / Scott O. Lilienfeld and Steven Jay Lynn

II. General Controversies in Psychotherapy

  •  Toward a Science of Psychotherapy Research: Present Status and Evaluation /
    John P. Garske and Timothy Anderson
  •  New Age Therapies / Margaret Thaler Singer and Abraham Nievod
  • The Remembrance of Things Past: Problematic Memory Recovery Techniques in Psychotherapy /Steven Jay Lynn, Timothy Lock, Elizabeth F. Loftus, Elisa Krackow, and Scott O. Lilienfeld

III . Controversies in the Treatment of Specific Adult Disorders

  •  Novel and Controversial Treatments for Trauma-Related Stress Disorders /
    Jeffrey M. Lohr, Wayne Hooke, Richard Gist, and David F. Tolin
  •  Controversial Treatments for Alcoholism / James MacKiilop, Stephen A. Lisman, Allison Weinstein, and Deborah Rosenbaum
  •  Herbal Treatments and Antidepressant Medication: Similar Data, Divergent Conclusions / Harald Walach and Irving Kirsch

IV. Controversies in the Treatment of Specific Child Disorders

  •  Empirically Supported, Promising, and Unsupported Treatments for Children with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder / Daniel A. Waschbusch and G. Perry Hill
  •  The Myriad of Controversial Treatments for Autism: A Critical Evaluation of Efficacy / Raymond G. Romanczyk, Laura Amstein, Latha V. Soorya, and Jennifer Gillis

V. Controversies Regarding Self-Help and the Media

  •  Self-Help Therapy: The Science and Business of Giving Psychology Away / Gerald M. Rosen, Russell E. Glasgow, and Timothy E. Moore
  •  Commercializing Mental Health Issues: Entertainment, Advertising, and Psychological Advice / Nona Wilson
  • Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology: Concluding Thoughts and Constructive Remedies / Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, and Jeffrey’ M. Lohr

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