Shape Shiter : Transform Your Life in 1 Day

Shape Shiter: Transform Your Life in 1 Day – powerful advice on personal development by Geoff Thompson (PDF)

What if you could become anything you wanted? Do anything you wanted? Live your dreams? What if there was a method, a secret, that allowed ordinary men and women with average ability to transform themselves into beings of extraordinary talent?

Could, then, a toilet cleaner become a self-taught, world-renowned sculptor? Steve Goddard did.

Would, then, a once violent criminal be able to metamorphose into a writer of prize-winning poetry? Benjamin Zephaniah would likely agree that even the implausible is entirely possible.

And what about a humble Manchester rent collector: could he transform himself into one of the finest painters of a generation? A lot of people said categorically no. But Lowry proved them all wrong.

Then there was Gandhi; an unknown who became a history-making leader with twenty million followers.

Sir Richard Branson was a penniless aspirant who cultivated a billion pound industry from the entrepreneurial seeding ground of a public telephone box (his office).

One of the most respected singer-songwriters of our day, Sir Paul McCartney wrote some of his greatest hits on a serviette in a Liverpool cafe. He couldn’t even read or write sheet music.

If it wasn’t for the fact that many of these examples are immediately recognisable, you might be forgiven for thinking this is the stuff of fiction. But these are real people and, whilst their backgrounds may be diverse, they have one thing in common with each other.

They are all shape shifters. You also have one thing in common with them. You are a shape shifter.

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