Sketching as a Hobby by ARTHUR L. GUPTILL

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Art is by no means as complex and mysterious as many people believe. In fact the phase of art with which these pages are mainly concerned—the sketching of actual persons, places, and things—is, while not exactly easy, far less difficult than commonly supposed. If we can but strip away the shroud of verbose ambiguity with which sketching, like other art subjects, has too often been clothed, we find that there are only a few real essentials, each of which can easily be comprehended, assimilated, and put into practice.

These essentials are here taken up one at a time. Starting with the representation of form and of values of light and dark, and the interpretation of color, the beginner is led by degrees from elementary to advanced considerations, every step being clearly explained and, if necessary, fully illustrated.

Many chapters deal with the technique of such media as pencil, crayon, charcoal, pen and ink, wash, water color, etc., with emphasis on modern styles and up-to-date procedure. Various unique methods which make for originality are presented, as are certain practices of the professional. Considerable space is also devoted to such joy-bringing matters as the sketching of objects, outdoor subjects, landscapes, animals, people, etc.

Everywhere the reader is urged to think for himself, and to experiment constandy with the development in view of a natural and individual style. While this volume is designed primarily for the amateur, its content is far from superficial, and so should prove of equal value to any student of art and allied subjects, as well as to the art teacher and the younger professional.

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