Skrying on the Tree of Life: A textbook for practical work with the Qabalah

Skrying on the Tree of Life: A textbook for practical work with the Qabalah by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Study of the Qabalah is a fulfilling endeavor by itself, but study is only half of the equation. Unless the principies of the Qabalah are put into practice in one’s life through meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and ritual exercises, they will not become the all-encompassing system of spiritual growth that they are intended to be.

The Qabalah is described as the “yoga of the West” because it is designed to be an interactive process of personal evolution. Those individuals who read about the Qabalah but never commit to performing any practical work with it risk becoming “armchair magicians”—people who can rattle off names and dates, facts and figures, but have no idea how to perform the proper techniques of magic—thus they have no real understanding of the methods or even the purpose of theurgy (“god-working”). As with most human enterprises, practice makes perfect.

In the pages that follow, authors have provided several exercises and guided visualizations which build on Regardie’s dissertation in A Garden of Pomegranates. Students who make use of there offerings will be well on their way to discovering the real value of the Qabalah and the true secret of magic, “the Highest Science, or Wisdom, based upon knowledge and practical experience.”

Language: English
Format: PDF online
Pages: 315
Size: 3 mb

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