Smith’s textbook of endourology

Smith’s textbook of endourology / edited by Arthur D. Smith – 3rd ed.

Fast forward 30 years and, today, Endourology has become Urology. From the urethral meatus to the uppermost renal calyx, the entire urogenital tract is endoscopi-cally accessible and radiologically visualizable.

From the smallest to the most complicated open procedure, urologists of talent, innovation, and persistence have supplanted standard incisional access with the endoscope or image-guided therapy. This is the age of surgical nihilism and Endourology has been at the forefront from day one. From the outset, it has been policy of Endourologists to embrace, and evaluate fairly, all new tools and equipment. Consequently we have always been at the cutting edge of new technology.

As technology has evolved, courses have been organized, to train not only residents and fellows, but also the practicing urologist, so that their learning curve has been accelerated enabling them to practice endourologic techniques comfortably and with the required expertise.

The number of stone cases treated by open surgery today is minimal. Similarly open nephrectomy has almost exclusively been replaced by laparoscopic, robotic or percutaneous ablative techniques. In this era of fewer working hours for residents, the amount of time that the residents spend in the operating room has decreased dramatically, and the necessary skills have to be taught using a combination of additional educational modalities.

In addition to books and journals, there are an abundance of videos on surgical techniques, animal laboratories, teaching models and virtual reality simulators.

The “Textbook” consists of 2 volumes – the 1st one on stones in the upper tract and the 2nd on laparoscopic and robotic surgery, image guided diagnostics and therapeutics and minimally invasive therapy of the lower urinary tract.

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