Speed Math for Kids: The Fast  Fun Way to Po Basic Calculations

If you are good at math, people think you are smart. People will treat you like you are a genius. Your teachers and your friends will treat you differently. You will even think differently about yourself. And there is good reason for it—if you are doing things that only smart people can do, what does that make you? Smart!

This book Fun with Speed Mathematics includes additional methods and applications based on the strategies taught in Speed Mathematics that give more insight into the mathematical principles and encourage creative thought.

The child not only does much better in math, but also works much harder. Why is this? It is simply because the child sees results for his or her efforts. Usually children just don’t know where to start. Both child and parent become frustrated and angry. Author going to teach you, with this book, not only what to do but how to do it. You can be a mathematical genius. You have the ability to perform lightning calculations in your head that will astonish your friends, your family and your teachers.

This book is going to teach you how to perform like a genius—to do things your teacher, or even your principal, can’t do. How would you like to be able to multiply big numbers or do long division in your head? While the other kids are writing the problems down in their books, you are already calling out the answer. The kids (and adults) who are geniuses at mathematics don’t have better brains than you—they have better methods. This book is going to teach you those methods. This is a book to play with.



  • Multiplication: Getting Started
  •  Using a Reference Number
  • Numbers Above the Reference Number
  • Multiplying Above & Below the Reference Number
  • Checking Your Answers
  • Multiplication Using Any Reference Number
  • Multiplying Lower Numbers
  • Multiplication by 11
  • Multiplying Decimals
  • Multiplication Using Two Reference Numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Simple Division
  • Long Division by Factors
  • Standard Long Division Made Easy
  • Direct Long Division
  • Checking Answers (Division)
  • Fractions Made Easy
  • Direct Multiplication
  • Putting It All into Practice



Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 258
Size: 2 mb

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