Successful Time Management For Dummies

Successful Time Management For Dummies / by Dirk Zeller

Successful Time Management For Dummies is about using your time more effectively to create greater results at the office and at home. It helps you with your organizational habits, discipline, systemization, goals, values, management style, persuasion, and even travel. This isn’t just a book of theory; rather, it’s one of real techniques, strategies, and tools .

Here, Author helps you mentally wrap your brain around the problems of time management. Then explains how to establish a solid system that you can replicate over time. He introduce you to prioritization systems, time-categorization systems, time-blocking strategies, and appointment-setting strategies.

Note that in the spirit of saving you time, this is also a reference book. In other words, you don’t have to read it from cover to cover. Just look up what you need and put those ideas in action.


  • Part 1: Beginning the Resolution: Simple Steps to Start With
  • Part 2: Establishing a Good System
  • Part 3: Confronting Challenges to Time Management
  • Part 4: Maintaining Efficiency When Working With Others
  • Part 5: Advanced Time Management for Specific Folks
  • Part 6: The Part of Tens

Language: English
Format: ebook PDF
Pages: 386
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