The 2011 baby names almanac by Emily Larson

So, you’ve got a baby to name. As if preparing for the arrival of the baby isn’t enough, you’re dealing with all the pressure of figuring out what, exactly, to call the little bundle of joy. It can be stressful to find a name that will do justice to the hope you have for your child.

After all, names influence first impressions. They can trigger great—or unpleasant—nicknames. They can affect your child’s self-esteem. They can be a tangible, lasting link to a family legacy.

But let’s not forget that they can be fun. And that’s what this book is ah about.
Remember The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which comes out annually as a guide to each year’s trends, forecasts, and hot spots? Aimed at farmers, of course, the book provides a way to put the year into context, to navigate the shifting seasons, and to understand ah the factors swirling in the atmosphere.

The 2011 Baby Names Almanac aims to be a similar lifeline for parents. With a finger on the pulse of pop culture and an ear to the ground of what’s hip, new, and relevant, this book offers you an instant, idiosyncratic snapshot of how the world today is shaping what you may want to name your child tomorrow.

Jam-packed with information and ideas, plus thousands of names to browse, this book analyzes the most recent trends and fads in baby naming, offering up forecasts and predictions. You’ll find our take on questions like these (and much more!):

• Which cutting-edge names are on the rise?
• Which popular names are on the decline?
• What influence do celebrities have on names?
– Names in music: Has Miley peaked? Is Taylor now exclusively a girl’s name?
– Names in movies: Could you name a kid Pandora?
– Names in sports: Is Peyton over? Will Rooney surge? And what’s so great about Jacoby?

• How many babies get the most popular name, anyway?
•Which letter do most girls’ names start with?
• How about boys’ names?
• What are the most popular “gender-neutral” names today— and which gender uses each name more often? (If you name your daughter Harley, will she find herself playing with lots of other little girls named Harley—or little boys instead?)
•How can you take a trend and turn it into a name you love?

A little bit of a mishmash and a screenshot of the world today, The 2011 Baby Names Almanac is like no other book out there. Stuffed with ideas on what’s hip and hot and how you can take a trend and turn it into a name you love, this book is your all-in-one guide to baby names now.

The 2011 baby names almanac by Emily Larson ( The Most Up-to-Date Resource for Baby Names ) pdf

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