The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho pdfThe Alchemist by Paulo Coelho pdf

Why not all come true desires and dreams?

This is hampered by four obstacles. The first is that a person from early childhood is taught that what he wants most in life is simply not feasible. With this thought, he grows up, and with each passing year, his soul is increasingly overgrown with the bark of numerous prejudices and fears, overflowing with guilt. And one day there comes a time when the desire to follow one’s Destiny is buried under the weight of this burden, and then a person begins to feel that he has finally lost the feeling of his higher destiny. Although in reality it is, of course, still lives in his soul.

If a person still has the courage to extract his dream from the depths of the soul and not to give up the struggle for its implementation, he will face the following test: love. He knows what he would like to achieve or experience in life, but he is afraid that if he gives up everything and follows his dream, he will cause pain and suffering to his loved ones. This means that a person does not understand that love is not an obstacle, it does not interfere, but rather helps to move forward. And the one who really wants him good, always ready to meet him, try to understand and support him in the way.

When a person realizes that love is not an obstacle, but a help on the way, he is trapped by a third obstacle: the fear of failures and defeats. He who fights for his dream, more than others suffer when he can’t do something because he is not entitled to resort to the famous excuse: “Well, okay, not really wanted”.

He just really wants to, and he realizes that everything is at stake. He also realizes that the path that is determined by his Fate is as difficult as any other, with the only difference that “there will be your heart”. Therefore, the Warrior of Light must have the patience he needs in the difficult moments of life, and always remember that the whole universe contributes to his desire to be realized, even in the most incomprehensible way for him.

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