The Art of the Novel  by Milan Kundera

The Art of the Novel  by Milan Kundera pdfThe Art of the Novel  by Milan Kundera pdf

Milan Kundera is one of the most popular writers of our time. His books fascinate the reader with the elegance of style, skillful construction of the plot, the intensity of feelings of the characters. Each new work of the writer becomes a bestseller of intellectual prose.

In seven relatively independent and at the same time interconnected texts included in the collection “Art of the novel”, the author describes his personal concept of the European novel. One of the texts is dedicated to Herman Broch and the other to Kafka. But from the first to the last line Milan Kundera constantly refers to the authors, whose work became the basis of his “personal history of the novel”: this Rabelais, Cervantes, Diderot, Flaubert, Tolstoy, Musil, Gombrovich.

The work of each novelist contains an implicit vision of the history of the novel, the idea that there is a novel. Exactly, the idea of the novel inherent in my own novels, I tried to Express here.
-Milan Kundera

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