The Astrology of Great Sex by Myrna Lamb

WHAT’S INSIDE THIS BOOK? More than 1,200 men and women completed a sex survey that provided the information presented in this book. Quotes from hundreds of these people have been included.

Their explicit comments and generous contributions made it possible to write this very different kind of astrology book. Firsthand, learn what your lover likes, dislikes, wants, and fantasizes about in the world of scx. Throughout the book, I have listed the questions asked on the scx survey and my summary answers that explain the astrological connection. Beneath my comments, in most cases, are quotations taken directly from the questionnaires.

Go to the table of contents to find your birthday- and Sun Sign, and those of your lover or anyone else you might want to check out. When you turn to that chapter, feel free to open to any page and read whatever parts interest you.

The way this book is laid out, in question-and-answer format, there is no need to read any chapter from beginning to end. Most pages have short vignettes, set off with a sun or moon symbol. The questions come from the sex questionnaire and all the answers have been taken directly from the completed surveys.

Frequently you will find repetition among the answers. Repetition shows the consistency with which people of a given Sun Sign responded to a question.

The Astrology of Great Sex  by MYRNA LAMB