The Basics of Internet Psychology


This outstanding book presents an excellent overview of the psychology of the internet, analysing how our notions of anonymity, exposure, control, accessibility and equality will be revolutionalized in an on-line environment. It explains how the digital age will force us to re-think our conventional ideas about romance, relationships, aggression, parenting and group behaviour. The book will be of interest to researchers, students and practitioners not only in psychology, but in all related disciplines as well where the internet changed the way we relate to each other.


-Joseph Paul Formas



1 Who are we online?
2 Does our personality affect our online behavior?
3 Is true love obtainable via the Internet?
4 Violence on the Internet
5 Youth and the Internet: Entering the enchanted forest?
6 Croups and leaders
7 How can we use the Internet to create a better world?
8 How do we successfully navigate our way through the digital jungle?

Language: English
Format: ebook PDF
Pages: 219
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