The Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Psychology by Stephen H. Wolinsky

The Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Psychology by Stephen H. Wolinsky, PH.D. pdf

The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology by Stephen H. Wolinsky pdfTHE CONTEXT OF QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY

Finding out WHO YOU ARE is not about being more, doing more, having more, manifesting more, creating more, being the best you can be, finding out your imagined mission or purpose in life, or having financial success.

Finding out WHO YOU ARE is the realization that everything is made of the same substance, and YOU ARE THAT ONE SUBSTANCE.


Quantum Psychology is different from other forms of modern-day psychology because it has a different purpose and a different aim. that of discovering WHO YOU ARE. The preliminary and preparatory stages are developed by dismantling (neti-neti) what is called your False Core-False Self and acquiring multi-dimensional awareness. We’ll be discussing what all these terms mean as we go along.

A person is three things: what he thinks he is,
what others think he is, and what he really is

Quantum Psychology is not intended to make you better, more virtuous, teach you how to have great relationships, how to make more money, or even how to feel more comfortable in your life. Rather, it is concerned with developing awareness so that you can discover Who You Are, even beyond awareness itself.

Multi-Dimensional Awareness is the developing of the consciousness of eight dimensions or manifestations of awareness. Quantum Psychology considers that the development of multi-dimensional awareness might help in the process of discovering W HO YOU ARE. Incidentally, I always say might since there can be no guarantees.

I lived in India for six years where I studied with many teachers, gurus and meditation masters. In 1979,I met Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj who was to become my teacher and spiritual mentor. According to him, “The only way to find out Who You Are is to find out Who You Are Not” (neti-neti). Nisargadatta Maharaj’s most basic Quantum Psychology Principle: was: “Anything that you think you arc, you are not.” While he was alive, only one of his books was published, / Am That. which could arguably be called one of the most important spiritual texts of this generation.

He was into Advaita-Vedanta, and Jnana Yoga. Jnana yoga is the Sanskrit term for the path of knowledge. Actually it is the PATH OF UNLEARNING (neti-neti), or as in Star Wars when Yoda (the teacher) says to Luke Skywalker (the student), “You must unlearn all that you have learned.” Advaita contends that there is only ONE SUBSTANCE, that everything is made of THAT ONE SUBSTANCE, not two or more substances, and that spirituality is really about the realization that you are THAT ONE SUBSTANCE.

According to the Maharaj: In the beginning there was NOTHING, absolutely. The I AM appeared (condensed) within that NOTHINGNESS. And one day, the I AM will disappear (thin-out) and there will be NOTHING again and that is all it is.


The Nine Quantum Psychology Principles of Nisargadatta Maharaj
1. There is only ONE SUBSTANCE.
2. What you know about yourself came from outside of you, therefore discard it.
3. Question everything, do not believe anything.
4. In order to find out Who You Are, you must first find out Who You Are not.
5. In order to let go of something, you must first know what it is.
6 The experiencer is contained within the experience itself.
7. Anything you think you are—you arc NOT.
8. Hold onto the I AM, let go of everything else.
9. Anything you know about you can not be.
These nine Quantum Psychology Principles form the core of Quantum Psychology.

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