The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators (Reference Manual)

Everyone is in the persuasion business. Sometimes that persuasion is directed to other people. Sometimes it is inwardly directed to your self-talk. Persuasion can occur in a simple conversation with one or a few people, or it can be while speaking to an audience of 500 or more people, as part of your professional world or within your personal activities.

Persuasion is part of everyday reality and greatly determines the quality of your life and the success you achieve.

If you use persuasion to unfairly influence another per-son’s thought process, that could be called manipulation. When you seek a win/win situation, then persuasion is used as motivation. Be conscious of your intention as you explore this topic.

The ideas, methods, and techniques presented in this booklet will benefit you in the following ways:

• You will have better conversations.

• You will be more persuasive.

• You will have better business and personal relationships.

• You will handle difficult communication with ease.

• You will have more success, however you define it.

• You will have a great deal of fun listening to others and watching their body language.

The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators (Reference Manual)

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