The BIG Book of ALPHABET Activities / Grades PreK-K

The BIG Book of ALPHABET Activities / Grades PreK-K free download pdf

The alphabet is one of the mast important things for children to learn—knowledge of letters and their sounds is key to learning to read and write. Young children need practice with recognizing both uppercase and lowercase letters, identifying and writing those letters, and understanding letter-sound associations. When you provide children practice with these skills, you help open the door to literacy!

The BIG Book oj Alphabet Activities is a resource full of ideas to help you incorporate alphabet recognition and practice in letter-sound associations into your entire school day, so that children gel maximum exposure to these skills. The units—one for each letter of the alphabet—can lie used in alphabetical order or any sequence that meets the needs of your class.

Activities include practice and reinforcement in recognizing and identifying letters, lornting and writing the uppercase and lowercase versions of letters, and making the connection between letters and their sounds. The easy-to-implemenr ideas motivate children of all learning styles and can be used during center lime, math lime, story time, snack time, or anytime to help build letter knowledge and meet important language arts standards.

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Language: English
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